Bout the game…..

Turns out they suck. 13-28…..


Shout time !

Hope Lincoln bulldogs win tonight! Go cooper!

ok im in!

my fake user for is stupidhotdog! reblog this!spread the word!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hello peeps!

There’s not much going in my life. Wuts Goin on in your life?😄say I’m comments bye!!!


Live Long and Paper!

Origami Mayhem

I’m sad to see Leonard Nimoy go. He died yesterday! True, I haven’t watched Star Trek yet but I might watch it soon.

Anyway, I made an origami Spock in honor of Leo.


Live Long and Paper everyone! Am I right?

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ok sfs if u want the talkzone back then we need to not post ANYTHING. the reason people still get on this site is stookiness. this is our only hope. p.s to the people who did rising rebels u should put it on ur twitter. i still look on there. p.p.s tom i do realize that u will be upset cuz u think that the talkzone will hurt our feelings. but thats part of growing up. and reallly i dont think any of us care about fights. only u do. we r the RISING REBELS!
put epic if u will do no stookyiness waffletastic if u will keep doing it. minion signing off. REBLOG THIS


hey peeps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

how yo doing? lets start febuary to the end of march. the theme is anything star wars. i know we’ve done it alot but i think its a classic.

so hows everyone been doing? write in the comments!